Hwy 380 GroundbreakingHistoric AgreementGE Locomotive1171 Ribbon Cutting114 GroundbreakingPreserving PastRoad Sanding Equipment

Building Productive Partnerships Across the Region and State

Transportation improvements are a top priority for Andy Eads and he built a coalition of County, Regional, and State partners to fund the Hwy 380 Expansion project in western Denton County.

Historic Agreement

Andy negotiated a gift agreement for Denton County to accept historic artifacts and buildings from a pioneer Denton County family.

Increased Jobs and Economic Development

GE Locomotive is one of many businesses Andy worked to relocate and bring high-skilled, high-wage jobs to Denton County.

Safer Roads to Travel

The reconstruction of FM 1171 improves safety and mobility by reducing hills and curves.

Transportation Improvements to Increase Mobility and Enable Growth

Commissioner Eads led the efforts to design and fund SH114 in Southwest Denton County.

Increased Historic Preservation and Heritage Tourism

As a 5th generation resident of Denton County, Andy has deep roots in the county. Andy accomplished a reconstruction the County’s historical departments and County Historical Park expansion with aim to increase heritage tourism to Denton County. Andy serves on numerous historic preservation committees and here they dedicate the Denton County Historic Park Welcome Center in Nov 2012.

Denton County’s First Sanding Equipment for Icy Roads

Commissioner Eads led an effort to increase mobility in all weather conditions and developed an emergency response plan for icy weather to include the acquisition of sanding equipment – a first for Denton County.


Campaign Kickoff Wednesday May 22 4:30pm-6:30pm Lantana Golf Club